Cancer, kidney cancer

How It All Started

To get the full grasp of the journey I must start from the very beginning. I was always a heavier girl weighing around 180-205 pounds all throughout my high school and college years. It wasn’t until I moved to Miami Fl two years ago that I got real serious about losing the extra weight. In the fall of 2016, I begin to work out in the outdoor sports area behind Barry University. I didn’t want to sign up for a gym membership cause for some reason, I never end up going on a regular basis. I did end up joining a gym membership the following year once I got the perfect momentum of working out. Fast forward to five months later where I have successfully got into the healthy lifestyle of eating right and exercising regularly every week. That resulted in me losing a total of 20 pounds. With the help of the gym membership, I began to really tone up everywhere in my body except for my abdomen. I would work out my abs vigorously but somehow, I could never achieve that flat stomach I wanted so bad. My pictures would show that I have a small figure with an extended stomach. I did not inquire too much about why, I simply concluded that I was just one of those people who are bloated all the time. I did make a note to go see a specialist about the “bloating” problem that made me look a little pregnant. Well my life was actively moving forward and I never made it to that specialist. I got used to being bloated all the time so it didn’t bother me too much.

“Bloated” belly

Fast forward again to two years later where I have now moved to Tallahassee Fl for a job promotion. As I usually do when I move to a new city, I get in touch with my new medical providers. First on my list was my annual gynecology visit. Since this was simply an annual check up, they had set me up with the midwife for the visit. She asked all the needed questions and performed all the necessary test and exam for the visit. One of which required me to lay on my back while she performs a physical exam of my abdomen. She felt my right side then my left side. She asked me do I know why my right side is more firm than my left side. I told her off course her I don’t know cause I really didn’t. She pursued to enquire if I ever felt any pain or discomfort from it, I again told her no. She told me to schedule a visit with my PCP as soon as I can to do a scan reading of my abdomen cause something is not right. She noted that since it is so forward on the right side, that it could possibly be an enlarged liver. Little did I know that it would turn into something much more…..

Cancer, kidney cancer

The first Dreaded Phone Call…

Following the gynecology visit, I heeded cautiously to the midwife advice and made an appointment to see my primary care doctor on the following Monday. My PCP did not argue the decision and made an appointment for me to get a CT scan of my abdomen on June 8th, 2018 which was a Friday. Early Monday Morning while I was at work,  I received the shattering phone call from my PCP letting me know that I have a massive 24 cm tumor on my right kidney. She continued telling me that the tumor has completely enveloped the right kidney to the point of hydronephrosis, dead kidney. All in one sentence, I found out that I had a huge tumor and I’ve been living with one kidney this whole time. She finished by saying that I will without a doubt need a surgery call radical nephrectomy where they will remove the entire kidney along with the mass.

I did not know how to react to such a news. I went to the bathroom in shocking disbelief. I didn’t know whether to cry or to pray. I quickly wrote a note on my phone to at least remember the shocking feeling (see below.)

I went back to my desk at the time hoping that working will create a welcomed distraction but that wasn’t the case. I kept going back and forth from my desk to the bathroom cause tears could not stop coming down my face. As I was having possible the worst time of my life, I looked around my coworkers face to see if they could sense my world falling apart. But no, everyone kept going on about their lives as if my world didn’t just stop.

blog intro, Cancer, kidney cancer

Blog Intro

Welcome all who are interested and curious as to how my personal kidney cancer story begins and unfold. I am currently going through this process as it is still very fresh so the posts will reflect the journey accurately. Some background info: I am a 27 year old black female who was born in Haiti but raised in south Florida. I am a college graduate currently working full time as a plans examiner. I am not the best writer so I do apologize in advance for any grammar or wording mistakes you may find. I am not too big into scrapbooking but I do like to remember specific events that happens in my life in any way I can. I usually do so with pictures and the note app on my phone but I wanted to do something completely different this time around. Naturally, I already took plenty of pictures and wrote some notes since this journey started, all of which I hope to share on this blog.